Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Genie Beauty Products Review

Genie Beauty has been leading the skincare and makeup industry for the past 2 decades. Brand developer Lisa Claycomb's passion really translates through the well crafted products, each specifically designed to make women look and feel younger. 

All Genie Beauty Products are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and fragrance-free.  

Genie Beauty is sold on TVSN and in the US the Genie Instant Line Smoother sold out in just 2 minuets! My Mum and I tried the products together. We first applied the Dream Cream at night and when we both woke up the next day we could visually see and feel an improvement in our skin. My skin can get very dry but the Dream Cream left it feeling plump and hydrated. My Mum has ageing skin and after only using the Dream Cream once we could both see a reduction in her fine lines. I could not believe the results were instant. Most anti-ageing products promise results after long term use but Genie Beauty delivers in under 2 minuets. 

After being totally astonished by the results we decided to combine the Dream Cream with the Instant Line Smoother. As a makeup artist I have been encouraging Mum to use primers to help even out her complexion. I have my favourites that I swear by for mature skin but Genie took line smoothing to a whole new level. Mum received compliments all day for how radiant and glowing she looked. This was so lovely because not only did she look amazing she also felt amazing too.

Made from Japanese Honeysuckle, the Nutratanicals Antioxidant Foundation is a favourite of mine. It is long lasting, water proof, light weight and natural looking. The ingredients make this foundation moisturising and improves the texture and tone of the skin.

The Make Me Blush is a cream to powder product that can be used on the cheeks, lips or eyes. It is easy to blend and will give you a natural healthy looking glow.

The before and after shots of the TLC Plus Mascara got me so excited. I don't have the longest lashes and also don't want to wear false lashes everyday. The unique brush head helps to coat each lash leaving you with fuller clump free lashes. By using the Lash Booster and Mascara together, you are able to create a 300% increase in length and thickness!

There is nothing worse than smudged eyeliner. Even if it is water proof usually by the end of the day my liner has moved somewhere unexpected on my face. The Genie Gel Liner does not budge. I first tested it out on my hand and even with rubbing, the liner it did not move. If only I had this when I was performing! The amount of times I would rub my irritated eyes from copious amounts of lashes and makeup. This would of been a lifesaver. 

Genie Beauty also offers a large range of cruelty-free makeup brushes. My favourite are the Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend 5pc Brush Collection. I have them displayed on my vanity. I think they would make the perfect gift and come in a very handy travel case.


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