Monday, 7 November 2016

My Travel Tips

I'm pretty over the top when it comes to travelling. I plan and research everything. I even go as far as searching goggle earth for the street my accommodation is on and the surrounding areas! Crazy I know, but I have found the more prepared I am the less stressed I feel. Knowledge is key for me when I'm going into an unfamiliar situation. 

Here are a couple of tips that help me when I'm preparing for my next adventure. 

Be Organised
I triple check everything, dates, times, documents, locations, weather, seasons...everything! I like to have all my important documents filed in order of when I will need them in my travel planner. I always pack 3 pens (you just never know if one will stop working when your filling out your arrival card) and I make sure to have a look online at all of the airports I will be travelling to for terminal information. I like to fit a shower in at the terminal if I have multiple flights so I always check where the shower facilities are in case I'm short of time.

Check If You Need A Visa
Airlines will always ask at check in if you have the required visa. Sometimes you can get the visa at the airport but it's best to check with the local embassy of the country you are travelling too when you are booking your flight. In the past I have had to prepare my visa 3 months before travelling to Belarus as there was not an embassy in Australia at the time (there is now thank goodness). Some visas also require bank statements, return tickets and proof of accommodation. Sometimes putting the documents together can longer than expected so don't leave it until the last minute.

Pack A Smart Carry On Bag
I like to take a small makeup bag full of everything I could possibly
need like face creams, essential oils (lavender is my favourite as it helps me to sleep), wipes, chargers, ear phones, medication,
an empty drink bottle, you name it I've got it! When you are confined for space comfort is key so I like to bring all of my favourite pampering essentials on board so I can just kick back, relax and enjoy my flight

Research The Area
It's important to know the area you will be staying at. I like to find out where the grocery store is, how far away are the shops and cafes are and what tourist activities are offered. This makes it easy to plan your trip and can save you some $$$ if you research what activities you want to do and find out what tour companies offer better deals.

Try Something New
Most importantly experience as many new things as you can. Try local cuisine, talk to locals and experience as much culture as possible. It's amazing how much travel can feed your soul and teach you things you never knew you could experience.


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