Tuesday, 11 October 2016

GlamGlow Review

Glamglow seems to be everywhere. It has rave reviews on YouTube, blogs and has a definite cult following. I have wanted to try the masks for ages but at $98 a tub I just could not justify spending that amount on something I hadn't tried before. 

I saw Mecca sold small pots for $28. Even though this is still expensive for 15ml of products I would prefer to pay that then almost $100. The first mask I try was Thirstymud. It is a hydration mask which is something my skin always needs. I love to take this little pot with me when I travel as it's great to use in flight. Thirsty Mud is really hydrating on my skin. I like to sleep in it when my skin is dry and dull. I also apply it multiple times when I'm on a long haul flight as my skin always breaks out when it is dehydrated. I do really like this mask and will be purchasing the small pot again. I only use Thirstymud on special occasions so I don't think I need the larger pot. 

I decided to get samples of the Youthmud and Supermud Masks from Mecca. When I first tried the Youthmud it really burnt. It was a very hot, tingly sensation. I didn't really like the feeling but was determined to keep it on. After about a minute it stopped burning so bad and was bearable. When I took the mask off my pores had disappeared. My skin looked fantastic. It was bright, fresh and felt really clean. I will defiantly be purchasing a large pot of Youthmud. My skin looked like I had just had a facial. 

Supermud was the mask I was most interested to try. I had only heard amazing things about it. As the mask dries you can see all of the oil being pulled out of your pores. It did make my pores disappear but also left my skin feeling very dry and tight. I think it would work better as a spot treatment in my skin rather than used on large areas. 

So basically I loved Thirstymud and Youthmud but was not so impressed with Supermud on my skin. If you are wanting to try Glamglow I would advise asking for a sample so you know which one is right for you. Glamglow masks are fantastic and I will be purchasing more in the future. 


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