Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Lunette Menstrual Cup Review - Do They Really Work?

Environmental sustainability is becoming a phrase we are hearing more and more in our everyday lives. With the recent push for consumers to be more environmentally conscious we are seeing a wave of old everyday items being reinvented to help minimise waste and consumption. 

A company leading the way in reusable feminine hygiene products is Lunette
Founded in Finland by Heli Kurjanen, Lunette was created for the safety, ease and comfort of all women. With a message of female liberation, Lunette has found international success. 

Many women across the globe do not have access to feminine hygiene products.
Lunette has teamed up with many charities to help give women a voice and access to cups.
Read about how Lunette are giving back here:

So let's talk about the benefits of making the switch to menstrual cups.

Environmentally Friendly - Making the switch will benefit the planet. No plastic, no cotton, no waste!
Savings - Menstrual cups are reusable so the more you use them the more money you save. The average women spends about $200 a year on feminine hygiene products. One menstrual cup will last you years. Think of all that money you will save!
Non-Irritating - they do not cause dryness or irritation. Cups are made from medical grade silicone so are safer to use than rayon or bleached cotton tampons (yes you read that correctly...BLEACHED!) Who wants to be putting something that has been bleached into the most absorbent part of your body? NOT ME! 

Lunette menstrual cups come in 2 sizes. The silicone is super flexible and easy to fold. This makes them easy and comfortable to use. The cup is held in position by a seal that is formed when inserted. There is a stem at the bottom that can be used for removal or trimmed for more comfort. Inserting and removing is a little more invasive than standard feminine hygiene products however with practise you will see that they are easy to use. The environmental benefits alone are enough to make the switch if you ask me. 

Where can you purchase Lunette?

Lunette Menstrual Cups can be purchased from Boots in the UAE. 

*The Lunette Cup was gifted to me by Tish Tash Pr Dubai


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