Wednesday, 5 April 2017

My Life Through TV Shows

When I think of a certain TV show it always reminds me of a specific time in my life. Whether it's making a milo to drink after school and watching the ABC children's programs, or rushing home from dancing as a teenager to catch the latest episode of the popular teen drama. 

Even now my husband and I like to reminisce of our favourite shows growing up. It's interesting because even though we lived on opposite sides of the world and spoke different languages, we still watched some of the same shows growing up. 

Sesame Street - This show is iconic. Every time I see a Weimaraner being walked on the street, I still think of the clever puppies that taught me to count and subtract on this show. 

Play School - Noni, Benita and John kept me entertained for years. I tried to copy their awesome craft ideas like a shoe box doll house and making tiny mirrors out of aluminium foil. 

Mr Squiggle - Who else tried to hold a pencil up to their nose and draw? Even though I loved Mr Squiggle, Blackboard always scared me a little.

Sooty and Sweep - I named my first cat Sooty after this show. I was mesmerised by the talking animals and always waited for my pets to talk back to me. 

Banana's In Pyjama's - This show only went for 5 minutes but every time I heard the theme song play, I would come running for the TV (usually in between getting afternoon snacks). 

Johnson And Friends - A show that taught lessons about friendship, sharing and problem solving. I can't tell you the amount of times I tried to catch my toys in action after I left the room!

Agro's Cartoon Connection - Getting ready for primary school each morning consisted of sitting in front of the TV with my cereal watching Agro. 

Totally Wild - 4pm after school I would tune in to watch totally wild. It always showed you new sports to try and educated you on Australian wildlife. It was such a cool program. 

Rugrats - Typing this I can hear the theme song playing in my head. I LOVED this show. Angelica was my favourite. I even had a t-shirt with her face on it...true fan at age 10. 

Looney Tunes - When my Dad took me to Movie World when I was 7, all I wanted to do was meet Tweety Bird. I have the cutest photo with the character. My face says it all!  I loved that cute little yellow bird. 

Blinky Bill - I'm Blinkey Bill. My whole life's a thrill. I was forever in search of this talking koala. I honestly thought all my favourite characters were real. 

The Brady Bunch - This was also one of my Mum's favourite shows so watching it together was really special. 

Lift Off - I felt a real connection to this show as a kid because the doll's initials were ET and so are mine. Haha kids think the funniest things. 

The Ferals - I remember this show came on just before it got dark. I always new when it finished it would be dinner and bath time. 

Saturday Disney - I hated it when I woke up too early and had to wait for the boring aerobics program to finish before I could watch Chip and Dale! I would tip toe past my Mum's room so I wouldn't wake her and sit 30cm away from the TV so I could still hear it. 

Full House - Another iconic show. Michelle was my favourite because we were the same age. I watched this with my sister after school. 

Hey Arnold - Hey Arnold made me want to go to school in America. The streets looked so cool and the school system seemed so different to Australia. I was fascinated by the houses and how all the kids were aloud to play in the busy streets. 

Rocko's Modern Life - This show was kinda gross. I think if I was a boy I would of liked it more but being a girly girl it just grossed me out.

The Simpsons - Who didn't grow up watching The Simpsons. Now I watch it in Russian with my husband to help me learn the Russian language. I never would would of imaged doing that as a 12 year old!

Degrassi Junior High - I wasn't aloud to watch this show until I was older. I can understand why, it was pretty full on for a kid in primary school.

Heartbreak High - Another show I had to wait to watch. My older sister watched it and I tried to copy her and watch but I honestly didn't really understand what was going on. I would rather look for fairies in the garden. 

Two Of A Kind - I was obsessed with the Olsen twins. I watched all of their movies and loved the TV show. I tried to copy their hairstyles with tones of butterfly clips.

Braceface - This show was on at 11am on a Saturday, I would sleep in as a teenager, eat breakfast and then tune in to see what Sharon and her friends were getting up too.

Ocean Girl - This show made me want to be a mermaid. Every weekend I went to beach and tried to look for whales, dolphins and other see life that needed rescuing. 

Rage - Weekend mornings with Rage. I would tape my favourite songs on VCR to watch later and learn the film clip dances. I can still do the whole Brittney Spears Baby One More Time dance. 

Recovery - Again I just copied my sister with this one. She knew all the latest music and gigs. I thought it was so cool so I would try and sit through this program but it honestly it just couldn't hold my attention.

Friends - One time Girlfriend magazine had a cartoon picture of that frame that was around Monica's door peep hole. I spent ages cutting it out and stuck it on my bedroom door even though it obviously didn't have a peep hole haha!!

Dawson's Creek - This was the first teen drama I watched religiously. I had the soundtrack, copied the fashions and had a huge crush on Pacey.

Laguna Beach - The start of reality TV. We had just gotten foxtel and I begged my Mum to get the package with MTV. They were all so tanned so my 15 year old self decided I needed to be tanned. Then came my obsession with Le Tan in a Can. Hello orange legs under my school skirt. 

 The Hills - Shopping, clubs, cafes, perfect makeup. This show had me sucked in. I totally wished I was LC's best friend. 

 The City - This was Whitney's spin off when she moved to New York. I wish it had more season because I loved how chic this show was.

The OC - This show was amazing until Marissa was killed off. I cried for days after that tragic episode. Every Tuesday night I would rush home from dance class and watch it with my Mum while I scoffed my dinner. 

Sex And The City - I didn't watch this until about 18. It was just so shocking at the time and I couldn't bear to let mum family see me watching it.

The Girls Next Door - I have a totally embarrassing confession to make...I bleached my hair platinum and wore tube socks like Holly. I was overly obsessed with show in my late teens. 

Gossip Girl - I have re watched all 6 seasons 3 times. I am still hooked and even went on a Gossip Girl Tour in New York. My highlight was seeing Nate's apartment and buying a Blair headband from Bendals.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians - I was late to the party with this show but now it's one of my favourites. I love how important family is to them and I'm in love with their fashion.  

Game Of Thrones - What can I say...BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!


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